Monday, October 23, 2017

Going Home

My newest book Going Home is now published and ready for readers.

Going Home

The story of a woman's journey back to her childhood home, seeking what she believes she left behind.

Matilda planning a special announcement for her husband, Winston, prepared an exceptional dinner of his favorite foods. What she wasn't prepared for was, Winston had his own announcement. Her life drastically changed the evening of Winston's announcement. Packing up her pride and personal belongings, Matilda traveled back to her childhood home. The old home she grew up in with her widowed mother. Downcast, angry, and dejected she arrives home. Her life spinning out of control. Depression and loneliness try to consume her. Tilly desperately seeks for what she believed she left behind in her childhood home. 

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Some reviews have said: 
on October 21, 2017

Cissy asked me to proofread this book before she published it. So, I wasn't reading it as a normal reader would. However, I found myself completely engrossed in Tilly's life (the main character), and concerned about her well-being and future.

As with Cissy's other books, this one is engaging, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable. The story holds together well, and I found myself wanting to know more each step of the journey. Cissy's books have a strong Christian theme, which I thoroughly enjoy. When I'm reading them, I feel like I'm at home with the characters, their lives, and their language. Their lifestyles are familiar to me, as well as their manner of speaking and thinking.

on October 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
As the latest book from Cissy Hunt this one didn’t disappoint. It would be a great edition to anyone’s book shelf. Especially those looking for the guidance of Jesus Christ in your life. Jesus is able to help us in wonderful ways, even when we don’t understand his process. The only way to Truly experience this is to allow God to work through the trouble and pain of our past and having him lead us to the beauty of his peace and understanding once we are on the other side of our struggle. I believe Cissy knows this truth at its deepest. And that shows through. You’ll find this book loaded with guidance directly from the word of God. It was my privilege to volunteer to review an advanced copy of this wonderful book. Home is where the heart is, even if we don’t see it at first. Give it a read. You’ll love the book!!